Zen (blue orange) sold

Zen (blue orange)
| SOLD |

Spiritually is finding the truth in you.
― Wes Adamson

This artwork is about equilibrium, a state of perfect balance between opposite elements that coexist and complement each other. Just like blue and orange put together, a visual metaphor that could perfectly stand for fire and water, light and darkness, power and weakness, self control and fear.

All the elements in this artwork tend to reach the equilibrium and complement each other.

It belongs to my Magic Expressionism series. It is not expressionism, surrealism, post-modernism, or new abstract etc. It’s a paraphrase to the concept of Magic Realism – that generally describes the well known artistic movement in the South American Literature, but not only -, brought to the field of visual arts.

– the exact size is 145 x 97 cm / 57.1 x 38.18 inches
– oil & acrylic on canvas
– year created: 2017

Zen (blue orange)

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