Red skies (sold)

Red skies
| SOLD |

Spiritually is finding the truth in you.
― Wes Adamson

This artwork is about the contemplative attitude during a catastrophic event, about the refusal to face a tough reality. My artwork is a visual metaphor of human weakness counterposed to the imminent force of nature… or maybe chance?

It belongs to my Magic Expressionism series. It is not expressionism, surrealism, post-modernism, or new abstract etc. It’s a paraphrase to the concept of Magic Realism – that generally describes the well known artistic movement in the South American Literature, but not only -, brought to the field of visual arts.

– the exact size is 147 x 97 cm / 57.87 x 38.18 inches
– oil & acrylic on canvas
– year created: 2017

Red skies


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