L’une 14, figure study (sold)

L'une 14, figure study
| SOLD |

What is the meaning of L’une ?

It is a double meaning word. I found it appropriate for this series; in French it means the one (she), and Lune – moon.

It’s a moody portraits series, where I want to express the fragility and beauty of the woman features, by trying to capture a moment, an impression. They seem reflexive, or day dreaming, or maybe slipping into a melancholic, undefined mood.

Here, I wanted to approach her features without adding details. I wanted to capture her like an undefined, vague impression, like when you are haunted by the appearance of a girl that you saw on the street, and her likeness follows you.

– acrylic painting on canvas
– size: 33 x 41 x 2 cm
– year created: 2016

L'une 14, figure study